Olukere of Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Oba Ganiyu Obasoyin has declared that nobody could take his domain from him, saying his stool was the first in Ikere and could not be obliterated by anybody, no matter how highly placed.
According to him, he is the owner of the land and “a tenant cannot chase away the landlord from his property.”
Obasoyin made the remarks yesterday while addressing his subjects at the celebration of this year’s Osooro Festival to mark the beginning of the new planting season in the community.
He said: “I want to assure you, my subjects, that nobody can take my land from me. We won’t allow outsiders to foment trouble here but we are for peace and we will work towards peace; but the Olukere owns the land.
“I am your symbol here and I am the face of the Ikere royalty; this is our home; this is my home. Nobody can take my father’s house from me because Olukere is the owner of Ikere land.”
The Olukere used the occasion to offer royal blessings for Ikere farmers, peaceful coexistence of indigenes of the town, Ekiti State and Nigeria as a whole. Chiefs, women and representatives of different age groups accompanied the Olukere to the farm to perform his first major traditional assignment for the new planting season.
There are four heaps in which yams were planted at the farm, representing the three sections of the town – Okekere, Odo Oja and Uro – while the fourth heap was for the Olukere.
Speaking on the significance of the Osooro, Obasoyin said: “This is the beginning of our planting season because we are farmers and my father, Oloje launched us into farming and that is what we have been doing.”
Traditional music and dance accompanied the planting season while the Olukere family members and chiefs danced from the farm to the town and to the palace.
Some chiefs, including the Saya of Ikere, Chief Foluso Olowolafe, the Eselemo of Odo Oja, Chief Adeyemo Fajilade and Yeyeoba Adeola Ale said the festival had paved way for farmers to commence their planting, especially yam tubers, hopefully to be harvested in August.

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