In a bid to make data understanding simple and pleasurable, NOIPolls is set to launch the first ever animation series in Nigeria as part of its focus to create innovative platforms to share critical data to all in 2015.
NOIPolls in a statement signed by its operating officer/director of research, Dr. Bell Ihua noted that the animation series named “Onu and Company Animation Series” is part of the firm’s focus in 2015 to create innovative platforms to share critical data to all audiences.
“Onu and Company Animation Series is part of the innovative platforms NOIPolls is set to launch in 2015 with the objective of introducing more interactive ways of sharing information with our esteemed stakeholders. The animation series aims to bring much needed balance in the predominant conversations in the day to day life of Nigerians and also support such conversations and common narratives with scientific and verifiable data and facts”.
The statement further explained that as an organization championing opinion research in Nigeria since 2006, NOIPolls has over these years filled the gap of providing credible data and facts which has answered strategic questions and contributed immensely in decision making for businesses, policy makers and advocacy organizations in Nigeria.
“Also, a country which currently has a large population of over 160 million, a thriving domestic economy, and a decentralized government, NOIPolls through its opinion research conducted over time has ensured that the voices of ordinary Nigerians are heard.
The statement averred that NOIPolls is trying to address some gaps in knowledge of Nigerians especially in the use of new innovations like theirs.
“NOIPolls is presently addressing this knowledge gap in Nigeria especially with the use of such innovative platforms like the “Onu and Company Animation Series”. Our key objective in launching this new animation series is to pull in the younger audience (primary, secondary and tertiary educational groups), while still maintaining the connection with the older audiences”.
NOIPolls assured that it remains objective and transparent in the coverage of public polls.
“We maintain objectivity in reporting of our public opinion poll results and transparency in our field operations which are all evident in the different stories portrayed in the different episodes of the Onu and Company Animation Series”, NOIPolls said.
Founded in 2006, NOIPolls has been in the forefront of pioneering new innovations that provide a platform that can scientifically measure the pulse of Nigerians on a variety of issues.

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