Nollywood show boy, Ramsey Noah has said Nigeria’s movie industry will continue to excel globally despite the challenges confronting the industry.
He stated this over the weekend in an interview with Nigerian Pilot in Abuja. According to the actor who was a gracing a theatre arts competition as a judge, Nigeria’s entertainment industry has the necessary talents to compete in the global markets.
He explained that, there is need to promote theatre arts in Nigeria. Ramsey Nouah is considered one of the most sought after actors in Nigeria. He is one of the pioneers of Nigerian movie industry and has been in the industry for over two decades. He has won numerous awards for his contribution to African entertainment industry around the world.
Speaking further on the need to promote theatre arts in Nigeria, the Executive Director, Mrs. Teena Ukpai also said; an art in general embodies a wealth of Knowledge. She added that drama can be used to portray and correct societal ills.
“There is something which is called sociology of drama. It is about using drama to correct societal ills. I am of the school of thought that, theatre is not just to come and entertain, but it should be used to treat some of the issues plaguing our society.”
She further stated that, “dancing is an important aspect of the Nigerian culture, tradition, spirituality and history. There are many dances that reflect the culture of the people, although the dances may have changed throughout the years. Ethnic diversity is also a key factor in influencing the dances of our culture. These dances are self-reflective, for the entire community because all music and dance are communal events. Dance is a very spiritual, powerful tool that carries on traditions, and chronicles- the important events of our history and culture.”
Theatre fans who trooped into the venue expressed satisfaction and encouraged the organisers to do more to rejuvenate this sort of entertainment to preserve our cultural heritage.
She stated that dance in general is very entertaining irrespective of the setting.
“Dances may be performed for enjoyment or entertainment, during many rituals, including spirit possession, to re-create history, as an art form, and as a means of courting. Dance has a very distinct, individual style because the tempo of the music and dance is influenced by the spirit of the dancers. This brings a unique, personal element to the dance culture, as well as flexibility in interpretation of the dances.” The dances can be very powerful and provoke meaning; they can mean something completely different to each performer and each member of the audience. There are many distinguishing characteristics; rhythm is the most important element to all African dances.

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