MEMBER of the Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, and Chief Executive Officer of
Aerokey Nigeria, Kudla Satumari, said the
North-East deserves a state of emergency to
address its infrastructural problems among
Satumari, who commended President
Buhari for creating the North-East
Development Commission, said it will
ensure growth and prosperity of the people.
He said the activities of insurgents have
greatly affected the people of the North-
East who are predominantly farmers,
adding that the level of production has
generally reduced.
Satumari, popularly known as Haske,
also stated that dilapidated infrastructure
such as schools, hospitals, police stations,
telecommunication masks, electricity and
some of its installations destroyed by the
insurgents need to be rehabilitated.
He advised that qualified people from
the region should be involved in the
management team of the commission,
stressing that they should first identify
the problems as it affects the people and
segment them into short, mid and long
term for better results.
The PDP chieftain advised that resettling
and rebuilding the communities that were
affected should be the first priority of the
commission before development efforts are
taken, maintaining that the people need
stability and a sense of belonging.
Speaking on the youths who were forced
into joining the terrorist group, Satumari
noted that they should be empowered
and those who were traumatised by
the situation should be psychologically

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