North-East zone of Nigeria has been described as the poorest zone in the country, which needs special attention by the in-coming administration of General Muhammadu Buhari.
This assertion was made by president of a nongovernmental organisation in the state, Change Women Association, CHAWA, Mrs. Maryam Alexander while addressing journalists in a press conference at the NUJ Secretariat yesterday where she asserted that the North East sub region is not only the poorest in Nigeria but world over, according to UNDP report.
She said the sub region was the most educationally backward in Nigeria and with the highest number of school drop-outs due to poverty and other social factors that hamper the quest for knowledge, in addition to the fact that the region has over the years suffered the nightmare of insurgency, which claimed lives of thousands of innocent souls and hundreds of thousands displaced rendered homeless, particularly women and children.
Maryam stated that, as a result of these challenges, the region deserved to have the chance to produce the next Speaker of the House of Representatives so that it could have a sense of belonging.
“House of Representatives with Hon Dogara Yakubu as speaker will be a blessing to women and children because we believe he will work tirelessly towards our betterment. We want change even in appointments to ensure all inclusive government and indeed Nigerians will have pride in being Nigerians and in voting change through the APC,” she said.

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