Second Republic Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa, has thumbed down on President Muhammadu Buhari’s list of ministerial nominees describing the time spent in anticipation as “wasted”.
Speaking to Nigerian Pilot Saturday on ‘phone, the former governor said the list of those submitted as ministerial nominees could have been done a week after President Buhari’s inauguration, instead of keeping the nation in suspense only to come out with the same old faces that have participated in previous failed governments.
“There is nothing spectacular in the list of Ministerial nominees that Buhari submitted. It’s just a recycling of former governors and senators. The list could have been presented one week after he was sworn in,” he said in obvious dismissal of the list.
Balarabe Musa also stated that none of those in the list of the nominee have the track record enough to man the office of Attorney General of the Federation and Minster of Justice, from all indications.
According to him, Justice ministry demand to have a professional of high repute, who should be as vibrant as late Gani Fawehmi, or even Femi Falana or an ex Chief judge with many years of experience in law.
He noted that, aside Audu Ogbe, who was a Minister of Industry or there about, “at the time when I (Musa) was Governor of Kaduna state” non of the nominees meet the quality anticipated for the time wasted by president Buhari in shopping for Nigerians with good track records.
“The constitution did not say that only former governors and senators can be made ministers or party men and women”, he said, stressing that all those nominees are party people and not technocrats.
While he frowned at the method of releasing ministerial nominees in batches, instead of single phase, Musa said it would have been done at once for states to know who represent them.

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