League Management Company, the body saddled with the responsibility of running Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL will at the end of the current season reward winners with N80 million cash, LMC Chairman Shehu Dikko has affirmed.
The reward according to Dikko would also spread across board with each participating club expected to be entitled to nothing less than N55 million.
Also, every club would be given Two Hundred Thousand, N200, 000 for pitch maintenance monthly.
Accessing the level of success so far recorded in the current football, Alhaji Dikko maintained “What we are doing is to restore the pride of our league. Just week four of the league, the result is there so far, because clubs are wining away, drew away and nobody is having any fuse about it and we hope to continuing on that light.
“If you calculate all the incentives each club will receive by the end of the season, the winner of the league will take home close to N80 million, while the last team will take about 55 million. These include price money, basic award, the merit award and others incentives.
“The N80 million take home money for league’s winner is more than 200 percent increase of what they use to get before. Each club is getting basic amount of N40m over the season to play the league, and we are going to be paying it in installment, some in kind, some in Cash and the winner get 30 million as winning prize and money is graduated down to the relegated teams.
“Right now, we pay N250, 000 naira for wining away matches and you can see the result, players are working hard to win more away matches.
“For away draw, we pay N100, 000 bonus. if you get up to 5,000 fans in the stadium to support your team, you get bonus of N250,000. These are part of our work to ensure that the league come back highest and be one of the best in the world.”

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