Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL, clubs have a two-week window starting from 8am on Monday, May 23 to 5pm on June 3 to register new players and sign up players on permanent or temporary transfer.
The League Management Company , LM C in a circular to all clubs announced the opening of the midseason transfer window, but also reminded the clubs that for any registration to be approved, attestation letter from serving players and coaches of the clubs must be presented confirming that their obligations to the players and coaches have been fully met.
“Kindly be advised that pursuant to Rules B9.61 and B9.63 of the Framework and Rules of the NPFL, the Second Transfer Window of the 2015/16 NPFL season opens at 8.00am on Monday, May 23 and closes at 5.00pm on Friday, June 3. Therefore, within this period, any club may apply for the new registration of a player or to have the registration of a player transferred to it or for a temporary transfer,” the circular informed the clubs.
The LMC circular further stated, “pursuant to Rules B9.45.2 and Rules B9.45.4.4, every club is expected to submit the attestation by each of its currently registered player as a pre-condition for registration. This is to ensure that there are no overdue payments owed the players”.
The enforcement of this provision is being pursued by the LMC to prevent and minimise indebtedness to players which becomes manifest towards the end of every season. This step is to compliment the requirement for the submission of financial guarantees by the clubs.

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