National Sports Commission, NSC in partnership with the National Universities Commission, NUC has concluded plan to reactivate moribund inter-collegiate games in a bid to discover young talented athletes that would replace the present ones that are old and set for retirement.
The two institutions are of the opinion that the new synergy will ensure the return of sports excellence to all tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, Prof. Julius Okogie said while on a working visit to the Sports Commission told the Director-General, Mallam Alhassan Yakmut Saleh that in Europe, America and the Caribbean, the bulk of Athletes that compete for medals at international events such as the Commonwealth and Olympic games are mostly drawn from the universities and other tertiary institutions.
‘’The universities have more sporting facilities than elsewhere. They are therefore seen as natural source for the selection of budding talents.”
Responding the Director General, Mallam Yakmut said the collaboration with the NUC will see to the robust revival of the National Universities Games, NUGA of which the Commission will provide all the necessary officials. He noted that some Nigerian universities have upgraded their sporting facilities that would facilitate desired programmes.
‘’If recreational activities are provided in the universities, it will take away eight hours which some students would have dedicated to the practice of cultism and use the time to raise their physical profile that would increase their lifespan.
‘’A major reason which the commission attached to the collaboration is a desire to increase the number of medals won by Nigerian athletes in international competitions.’’
The Director General informed the Executive Secretary that the Commission has taken inventory of the five traditional sports in Nigeria such as – traditional gymnastics widely found in Edo State, traditional wrestling which is common across the country and others for development. He noted that traditional gymnasts could easily be trained to compete with modern gymnasts and win medals for the country in future Olympics.
The Director-General stated that his Commission, in the coming days will adopt branding as a means to launder Sports and the National Sports Commission for the purpose of taking the country to greater heights.
Speaking earlier, the Executive Secretary NUC, Prof. Julius Okogie regretted that government over the yerars has not taken the issue of sports seriously. He said that in the US, those who make a lot of money are usually Sports Men and Women.
The Executive Secretary, NUC observed that sports can be used to create jobs. He said sports medicine, hospitality business, sports psychology, sports entertainment, manufacturing of kits and others are affiliated areas where jobs could be created.

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