Following the poor performance of Nigerian swimmers in most international competitions, the National Sports Commission, NSC, would soon begin implementation of a four-year developmental plan in a bid to take advantage of huge gains in the sports.
Director Grassroots of NSC, Dr Ademola Areh who disclosed this to Nigerian Pilot Sports in Abuja, however, hailed the spirited performance of young Nigerian athletes who clinched 11 medals comprising of six gold, two silver and three bronze at the just concluded Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa.
Nigeria took part in only three sporting activities namely Boxing, Weightlifting and athletics and was placed seventh out of over 70 countries that participated at the games.
Dr Areh, however, maintained that with sustained planning and indeed training of athletes, Nigeria would soon begin to reap the benefits in swimming just as their South African counterparts.
“The time has come for Nigeria to divert to multi-medal winning sports because we are very good in football and if we win gold medal in it, that just stand for only one medal but swimming can win as many as 45 gold medals.
“We need to diversify to the multi-medals winning sport that is the only way we can catch up with those countries that are beating us to the second and third position all these while.
“I’m sure the commission has taken note and there was already a four-year plan in the pipe line initiated by the DG and if we can follow it thoroughly, I’m sure we will get to the promised land.
“It takes continuous training, continuous exposure because in sport you can only give out what you have put in. It takes a lot of commitment, a lot of funding, a lot of planning and we can do it. We have been doing it before; I believe we can still do it.”

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