PRESIDENT of Nutrition Society of Nigeria, NSN, Professor Ngozi Nnam has attributed the high rate of crime in the society to inadequate nutrition. Briefing newsmen in Makurdi yesterday, Prof Nnam noted that parents had abandoned their domestic responsibilities as they were no longer giving adequate care to their kids, a situation she said had triggered high criminality. Nnam, whose speech was themed ‘Tackling the Scourge of Hiding Hunger in Nigeria,’ explained that adequate nutrition was needed for children from conception to two years to be able to develop their brain and make them useful to the society. She said, “The brain is a store house and when this is done it affects the person, brain development starts from a child during conception to two years” adding, that society can only develop when it produces children of adequate nutrition, “because, a child that is well developed can make good input and drive the nation. “Our country cannot develop well when there is inadequate nutrition, it is human intellect that drive development and any child that lacks adequate nutrition from infancy will
contribute immensely to the development of the society.” She, however, called for the consumption of local foods such as vegetables, fruits and other food items that are rich in nutrients, instead of processed foods which she said had lost the nutrient value. The NSN boss, who advised rural dwellers to cultivate the habit of consuming their local foods, said “it is unfortunate that our local farmers produce good foods and fruits but bring them to market to sell while resorting to non nutritional foods.” According to her, those foods, vegetables and fruits