Six out of the about fifteen prison inmates that escaped during the jailbreak at Nsukka Prisons, Tuesday, have been re-arrested, while manhunt is on to capture the rest.
Enugu State Controller of Prisons, Mr. Isaiah Amariri, disclosed this while speaking with newsmen, Thursday, on the unfortunate incident that shook the University town, Nsukka, Tuesday.
Amariri however, declined to give the exact number of inmates that escaped, but said that investigations were still on to fish out the fleeing inmates.
He said that the Enugu state prison service was liaising with security agents and community vigilante groups to ensure that the fleeing inmates, who might be in their various communities, were captured.
“There was jail break in Nsukka prisons on Tuesday night between 12pm and 3am, in which many inmates escaped, though six of them have been re-arrested.
“I cannot give the exact figure for now as investigations are still on. We shall send our investigation’s finding to Controller General of Prisons who will make public the exact number and cause of Nsukka Prisons jail break.
“The service is liaising with security agents and community vigilante groups to know the hide out of those still on the run in order to re-arrest them,”he said.
He said that at the end of investigations, anybody in service found to have been involved or aided the Tuesday night jail break would be brought to justice to serve as deterrent to others.
“After investigations on the jail break, any person in the service found to have been involved or aided the Tuesday jail break will be arrested and prosecuted no matter his or her position.
“Security has been beefed up in and around Nsukka prisons with serious surveillance on the prisons facilities, inmates and staff.
“The prisons authorities are on top of the situation and will put measures in place to avoid a repeat of what happened on Tuesday night in Nsukka, “he said.
Amariri solicited the help of the general public who might have information on the whereabouts or hiding place of the fleeing inmates to feel free to report to the prisons authorities or security agents.
“We solicit for help from the general public who may have information about the fleeing inmates to feel free and call prisons authorities or security agents to enable them to re-arrest the escapees.
We promise that such information will be given the confidentiality it deserves and source identity will be fully protected, “he said.
On the challenges facing Nsukka prisons, Amariri said that Nsukka prisons was established about hundred years ago, adding that a man of such age needed extra care to remain healthy.
“This prisons was established hundred years ago and some of the facilities have been over-stretched, the original capacity of Nsukka prisons is 168 but today it’s accommodating 264 inmates, “he said
Recall that in the early hours of Wednesday, between 12 pm and 3 am, some prison inmates broke open their cells and scaled through the perimetre fencing and vanished into thin air, leaving the prison personnel on duty aghast.

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