Residents of Nsukka, in Enugu State have raised the alarm that the deteriorating electricity supply form the Enugu Electricity Power Distribution Company, EEDC, had adversely affected their economic activities.
The residents told NAN in separate interviews at Nsukka on Saturday that the power outage in the town had resulted to increases in the prices of some goods and services.
Mr. Emma Obodo, who runs a business centre, lamented that he had not used public electricity supply in his business centre in the last three weeks.
He said he had been buying petrol for his generating set to keep the business afloat.
“I don’t know what the problem of the EEDC is as power supply in the town has gone from bad to worse in the past three weeks.
“In my business centre, I buy gas everyday to attend to my customers’ needs.
“If the light comes now, the next five minutes it will go and that may be it for that day,” he said.
Mrs. Gina Eze, who sells frozen fish and meat, said she spent her profit to buy petrol to sustain her customers.
“The business of frozen fish and meat needs constant electricity to prevent the items from going bad.
“If I stay away from the business, waiting till when the power situation will improve, I will lose all my customers. I, therefore, urge the government to intervene before this situation gets out of hand,” she said.
Mrs. Flora Ugwu, a civil servant, urged the EDDC to do something urgent to improve the power supply to the town.
She said that because of prevailing situation, she had resorted to cooking for the family on daily basis, noting that it had added extra pressure on her.
“Before now, I cook on Saturdays only and store them in the deep freezer but because of this power problem, I now cook every day.
“The EEDC should do something urgent to restore normal supply. This problem has affected economic activities adversely. For example, to photocopy a page of document now costs N10 instead of N5 while a sachet of water sells for N10 as against the normal N5,” she said.
One of the engineers in the Nsukka district office of EEDC who pleaded anonymity said the situation was not peculiar to Nsukka.
He attributed the deteriorating supply to a drop in electricity generation nationwide.

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