A nutritionist at Garki Hospital, Abuja, Miss Yemisi Olowookere yesterday said good nutrition might reduce the risk of breast cancer progression or recurrence.
She said that improper diet was a contributory factor to breast cancer.
According to her, cancer is a disease characterised by abnormal cell growth and can occur in any organ.
“In some ways the genes lose control of cell growth, and reproduction becomes unstructured and excessive. For example, certain substances in food are thought to be carcinogenic, nitrites in cure and smoked food such as bacon, and ham can be changed to nitrosamines during cooking, also high fat diets have been associated with breast cancer.
“Newer studies point to dietary changes that can offer the most hope for preventing breast cancer or re-occurrence,” she said.
Olowookere advised women to cultivate the habit of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, saying that vibrant intense colour was one indicator of Phyto nutrient content.
She explained that high fibre, whole grains and beans should also be included in the eating pattern because they could be a good source of fibre, but refined grains usually are not.
“Limit red meat; avoid processed meat such as sausage, delimeat and hot dogs instead low fat diet with emphasison healthy fats. Also limit processed and refined Grains and sugar and drink plenty of fluids as well as be physically active to help achieve and maintain healthy weight.
“Eating a variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains daily, avoiding processed and high-sugar foods, and being physically active are very important ways we can take control of our risk of cancer,” Olowookere said.

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