Oando Marketing, Heyden Petroleum and Setana energy are the latest to join the role of OTL Africa Downstream week sponsors, barely 5 days to the 9th Oil Trading and Logistics Downstream Expo.
More industry heavy weights have identified with the annual event which brings together the who is who in the continent’s petroleum products trading, marketing and distribution space.
Oando Marketing, Heyden Petroleum and Setana Energy are the latest to join the roll of OTL Africa Downstream Week 2015 sponsors
Oando Marketing is a fully owned subsidiary of Oando PLC. It is one of Nigeria’s leading oil marketing retailers, selling and distributing its products via over 420 retail service stations and over 500 industrial customers cutting across the Nation. Oando Marketing also has 2 operational subsidiaries in Ghana and Togo.
Heyden Petroleum is as an independent oil trading company operating in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom. It trades in a range of refined white products to semi-refined black products.
Setana Energy is a crude oil, oil products, gas supply distribution and trading company. Its business is focused on the import and supply of oil products to West Africa along with exporting Nigerian crude oil, fuel oil, LPG and condensates.
OTL Africa Downstream Week holds from 27 – 29 October 2015 and shall incorporate a strategic conference, an industry exhibition and the annual OTL Downstream Dinner and awards.

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