Student activists under the aegis of Alliance of Nigerian Students against Neo-Liberal Attacks, ANSA, have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to extend his anti-corruption war to the leadership of the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife in Osun State.
The students specifically demanded immediate arrest and probe of the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Tale Omole.
“It is our opinion that the President, National Assembly and the EFCC especially must show that the war against corruption is not a mere political propaganda, but a practical effort to make Nigeria work for Nigerians.
“We believe that taking up a comprehensive investigation and probe of the OAU management will show that the regime is not selective or insincere about its war against corruption.
In a release titled: “Save our soul: Attacks of OAU Authorities on Democratic Rights of Students is Turning OAU into Banana Republic”, issued yesterday in Osogbo yesterday, the students also called for reinstatement of the three leaders of the students union suspended recently.
“The suspension of union and suspension of the three officers of the union are unjustifiable and must be reversed, because it is not a crime to demand for transparency and accountability in our community.
The Convener, Wole Olubanji, added that the students are ready to provide evidence that the VC has mismanaged the university, adding, “Professor Omole has completely led the university away from the principle of mass-literacy, which the institution was built on.
The students, who also called for reversal of fee hiked in 2014, warned, “any plan by the authority to increase fees is criminal, especially at a time when the old fees have not been responsibly or effectively utilized.”
The students also called for improved learning conditions of students and regretted the conditions of living and learning facilities on campus describing it as appalling and worse off than periods before the 2014 fee increment.

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