Crown Prince of Benin Kingdom, His Royal Highness (Amb) Eheneden Erediauwa has described the transition of the Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty, Oba Erediauwa, as emotional for him as he was very close to his father.
Speaking in his Uselu palace during a condolence visit to him by Governor Adams Oshiomhole, Erediauwa said he was probably the first Crown Prince in the history of Benin Kingdom that has been so close to his father.
Governor Oshiomhole told the Crown Prince: “We are all shattered by this very sad news. In my formal tribute, I have already made a statement that represents my evaluation of the life and times of our royal majesty. But in all of that, we know that kings will come, kings will transit, but our joy even in the midst of this grief is that we are fortunate, indeed very fortunate that in spite of the vacuum left by the departure of His Royal Majesty, we have in Your Royal Highness a true royal Crown Prince that has already gone through all the rigours of life, and sufficiently travelled and held sensitive diplomatic positions in most strategic countries.
“For people like me who have had the very rare privilege of interacting very closely with Your Royal Highness over the years, I believe that His Royal Majesty has prepared a Crown Prince that, as tradition prescribes, has what it takes to fill the big royal shoes that His Majesty left behind. That for us gives us the confidence that the robust tradition, the national respect and international recognition and the way in which His Royal Majesty carried the office, that it will be sustained and built upon by Your Royal Highness.
“Like I said, we are all privileged part of the extended family, and the State Government will stand by Your Royal Highness, stand by the royal family, and will do what the great people of our great State will expect us to do at this hour.
“So, Your Royal Highness, I commiserate with you, I commiserate with the royal family, and indeed the great people of Benin Kingdom and the great people of Edo State. Like I said in 2006, during my first visit, my very limited knowledge of our State is that Edo is not an artificial word. So, Edo is not an artificial creation. We are not named after a river or after an event. It’s an ethnic category, and His Royal Majesty is the father, the paramount ruler of every Edo sons and daughters, and so it shall be forever and ever. May our ancestors stand by you at this hour and guide us through all the processes.
In his response, the Crown Prince said, “ I want to thank you for the condolence. There is nothing much I can say now. It’s really an emotional moment for me and everybody virtually knows how close I was to my father. The elders here know how close I was to my father, and I am probably known as the first Crown Prince in the history of Benin Kingdom that has been so close to his father.
“It’s been said far and wide that the Oba’s eldest son doesn’t see his father; they don’t meet each other, that they are far apart. So, he knew my ways and I knew his ways. So, I can beat my chest and say I understand certain inner workings of the mind of my dear father.
“So, Your Excellency, I want to thank you even though I have expressed this gratitude to you before. I want to thank you for the support you have been giving to Benin people, Edo State in general and especially the royal family.
“I am also aware of how some people don’t like you for it, how they have expressed dissatisfaction with you because they feel that you are so much inclined towards the family, such that we have some people that are anti-palace, but we leave everything to God.

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