Former governor of defunct Mid West and Bendel states, Dr Samuel Ogbemudia has begun a tour of the state seeking public opinion on who becomes the next governor come 2016.
He said Edo people must come together, reason, negotiate and act in unison to ensure that the legitimate aspiration of every Edo man and woman is fulfilled in a politically competitive environment.
Dr Ogbemudia made this known at the weekend in Benin City, the Edo state capital while unveiling a platform to begin the search for the next governor of Edo State.
He said, “the reality is that the collective effort would be needed to maximize the potentials of the Edo man or woman and Edo state, thus the birth of the Edo Mass Movement.”
While adding that himself and a few Edo patriots including late Modino Emovon has painstakingly taken it upon themselves to find who to take the state to the next level, he said, “This movement will largely be politically active but lean not to any partisan sentiments.
“The periods when partisanship inclinations may become unavoidable would be when a person with a proven track record of achievement aspires for political office and he or she is able to command the support of the Movement as to necessitate a direct intervention to get him or her elected or appointed as the case may be.
“In galvanizing the people to action, Edo Mass Movement shall embark on sensitization exercises through appropriate channels. The focus shall be to make the people understand their civic responsibilities as well as their rights and privileges,” he said.
The former governor who is a member of the PDP Board of Trustees said in a nutshell, “the aim of Edo Mass Movement is to support good governance, transparency, credible citizens, patriotism and those who work for the success of Edo Mass Movement.”

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