WHEN IT comes to contribution to
the development of music industry
in Nigeria, the Idomas of Benue
state in North Central Nigeria could
be counted among the leaders in
this regard. They gave Nigeria the
legendary Bongos Ikwu , and the
Grooves; as well as Innocent Ujah
Idibia who is better known by his
stage name, 2-Face Idibia or 2Baba.
A rising musician in his early 30s,
Gabriel Ali Ogiji, also known as
G3, is trying to follow the path of
his illustrious kinsmen by equally
trying to make his mark in the
Nigerian music world. Ogiji, who
is working currently on a 13-track
album, caught the attention of
millions of his countrymen and
women with his debut song, “Wake
up Nigeria” in 2015. As a result
of the popularity of the track, his
music has gone international, and
it is being played in several African
countries like Ghana, Togo, Benin
Republic, among others. He is
glad that his music is being played
on Nigeria’s radio stations and
television .
With a great consultant like Dele
Olowo-Ake,known as Daddy Faizer,
providing him the required backing
and support, the lad feels the sky will
not even be enough to be his limit in
the years to come.
For Ogiji, who hails from Ogene-
Okpoga, Okpokwu LGA in Benue
state in North Central Nigeria, his
journey in the music world has not
been an easy one. First he had to travel
the length and breadth of Nigeria for
his education: He had schooled at Zik
Avenue Central School Izzani; Ohaku
LGA primary school in Ebonyi, and
for his JSS-at Government Secondary
School, Ede Okpoga. Apart from the
fact that he lost his father, Thamos
Okrika, who was a Police Inspector in
1994 ,following a brief illness; the lad
from a family of six had his challenges
as the first son of the family began a
difficult journey to fend for himself
early in life. Matters were not helped
by the fact that he lost his mother two
years after his dad’s demise-lleaving
him as an orphan, and a big family to
cater for a bread winner. Providence
was on his side when his elder sister,
Charity Ada, an Air Force personnel,
took him to Lagos in search of greener
pastures. It was in Lagos that he came
across Mr and Mrs Adebiyi, who took
him like a son, and provided himthe required support in education,
and his main interest-music. It was
while he was working with the family
that they helped him to advance
his education-to Olabisi Onibanjo
University where he read and got
his OND in electrical engineering,
But because of his undying love for
music, he did not pursue career in
engineering but went for his love,
music. He remains ever grateful
to Mrs Bukola Adebiyi who is
,based in Lagos for providing him
the support required to advance
his interest and career in music.
His career and life were almost
cut short as a result of an nasty
encounter he had with police, for
which he was framed up on flimsy
incident and dumped in cell for
almost a year. That he said, is a
story for another day. He is grateful
to God that he back in the business,
and his popularity continues to soar
in the industry.
Ojigi’s consultant, Dele Olowo-
Ake, more known as Daddy Faizer,
who manages famous star like Raz
Khimono, talked of the artiste as
a musician with great promise. He
commended him for his handwork.
He spoke eloquently about Ogiji’s
humility:” He is one I want to
help in this life because unlike the
present generation of artistes who
are not patientien to learn, claiming
to know it all, he is different. He said
if Ogiji continues in this manner, he
will go far in the industry.
He is not happy with the growing
piracy in the industry which has
robbed genuine workers of the
industry their sweat. Olowo-Ake
called on the various government
agencies to intervene and do
something about it for the progress
of the industry

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