Some years back, the name of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, the former Ogun State governor evoked awe in the political arena because of the position he occupied and his dalliance with the presidency.
But following his exit from office and coupled with some corruption charges leveled against him, his reputation began to dwindle. And as a result of this, his influential friends whom he thought would be his source of comfort at the time of distress began to avoid him like plague, leaving him all alone to dance in the market square naked. Did I hear you say such is life? Of course, you are right!
Though it could be painful, but the ex-governor seems to have put behind the trauma and face the realities of life. As you read, the dark-skinned politician has gone back to his root-his engineering work. In case you don’t know, OGD as others prefer to call him is the CEO of Kresta Laurel Limited with Corporate Head Office in Maryland, Lagos.
Kresta Laurel is a total engineering company with distinctive competence and knowledge in the field of vertical and horizontal transportation systems i.e elevators, overhead travelling cranes, hoists and material handling in general as well as power generating sets and Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS system .

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