A PDP chieftain in Ogun State
and chairman of the party in
Ikenne Local Government Area,
Hon. Gboyega Ogunfowokan
has taken a swipe at Dr. Doyin
Okupe over his comments on the
emergence of Senator Ali Modu
Sheriff as national chairman of
the party.
He also said that Okupe
has spurned a request by the
disciplinary panel set up by the
state chapter of the PDP for him
to explain how he and others
managed campaign funds and
He said, “with his latest
outbursts, he has merely
succeeded in committing himself
the more and the appropriate
organs of the party will sanction
him accordingly.”
In a statement he issued on
Friday, Ogunfowokan said
it was preposterous that “a
paperweight Abuja/Lagosbased
politician like Okupe
could speak so derogatorily
about our party, and a three-term
senator and two-term governor
who has distinguished himself
in his chosen endeavours.
He does his politics online, on
the pages of newspapers, and on
television and radio.”
The statement reads in part:
“Although we were not totally
surprised at his outbursts
since we know his penchant
for stirring the hornet’s nest,
we had thought that he
would have learnt from the
collateral damage that his
usually combative posture
and unguarded outbursts
caused the immediate past
PDP administration. But alas,
it is obvious that his inordinate
ambition to become the national
chairman of the PDP had further
beclouded his sense of reasoning
and fairness. That was why he
backed his former colleague,
Ahmed Gulak, in his (Okupe’s)
vaunted ambition to become the
national chairman of the party
through the backdoor. They had
planned that Gulak would hand
over to him after forcibly taking
control of the party.”
“Since he could not achieve
his stillborn
ambition, he has
resorted to casting
aspersion on
those who have
themselves in
their chosen
endeavours. He
says if the PDP
chooses to die,
he would tarry at
the graveside. For
his information,
if his actions and
inactions while
in government
did not kill PDP,
it cannot and will
not die again.
The worse is over
for the PDP. It is
Okupe and his that should be preparing their
political burial since they have
lost every atom of political
Ogunfowokan said it was
most regrettable that the
same Okupe who was alleged
to have been involved in
some failed contracts, and
diverted campaign funds and
transformers in Benue and
Ogun states, and yet could
aspire to be PDP’s National
Chairman, would turn round
to say someone was not fit
to be the National Chairman
of the PDP “just because of a
mere allegation that is yet to
be proved”.

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