Youth wing of Ohaneze, the apex Igbo umbrella body, has denounced the body’s council of state presidents over anti Biafra statement.
For not recognising the quest for Biafra, the Ohaneze Council of Presidents has in turn been denounced and branded an illegal organisation.
Condemning a statement credited to “Chief Chris Eluemuno (President, Ohaneze, Anambra State Chapter) disowning Pro-Biafran agitators and to be discountenanced in its entirety”, the immediate past president of Ohaneze Youth Wing, Mazi Bismack Orji, said the so called council, having no legal existence, cannot speak for Ohaneze.
In his statement in Enugu, Orji said Eluemuno and his group have no authority to speak for Ohaneze.
“Firstly, he does not have the locus to speak on such a matter, which is a policy matter.” he insisted.
He said the Ohaneze tradition, recognised only the President-General and the Secretary-General as the only persons with the prerogative to make policy statements on behalf of Ohaneze.
According to him, these two “usually make such policy statements after a position has been taken by Imeobi – the policy making organ of Ohaneze”. But till date, “such a meeting has not yet taken place” he insisted.
Bismack advised Eluemuno that a state president, should restrict his sphere of authority to his state.
He went further to say “For the avoidance of doubts, the group called Forum of State Presidents of Ohaneze is illegal and not known to law since there is no such body recognized by the Ohaneze constitution.
“It was merely ‘a committee of friends’ formed in the build up to the last general elections in an attempt to share in the booty which the Government then was freely dispensing.
He worried that “such a hasty statement could be misconstrued by overzealous Nigerian soldiers and other security personnel as an invitation to shoot the protesters at sight” adding also that such an occurrence may make situations to spiral out of hand.
According to him, “the current agitation goes beyond those on the streets who bought into the philosophy of Nnamdi Kanu, the detained Director of Radio Biafra.
He said that in the thinking of the “The Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, which has taken the Federal Government to court over the issue” in line with the UN charter on self determination of indigenous peoples, Biafra can be achieved through legal and diplomatic processes, Orji assured.
The body, he explained, is made up of responsible elder statesmen having in their ranks retired high court judges, legal luminaries, some church leaders and accomplished professionals in diverse fields ranging from medicine to engineering, manufacturing, etc.
He called on the Directorate of State Security, DSS, to produce Nnamdi Kanu in court on Monday, 23rd November, 2015 in obedience to a court order so as not to aggravate the security situation in the East.
He also suggested dialogue as a way to achieve a lasting solution to Nigeria’s political malaise and urged the Federal Government to re-visit the National Conference Report and ensure that Nigeria is re-structured.
“The present political structure concentrates so much powers at the centre, thereby encouraging ethno-religious friction.
Recently the council of Ohaneze branch Presidents led by chief Chris Eluemuno had in a statement to the press, denounced Biafra saying it died in 1970 when the Nigerian civil war ended.

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