president buhari
president buhari

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari, to heed the advice of his wife, Aisha, and other Nigerians, to rejig his cabinet.
The ruling party who spoke through the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, maintained that there is need to bring in people, who would help to actualize the vision of the APC for Nigeria.
Recall, that Aisha, while speaking to the BBC last week, about some appointments made by her husband, cautioned that she might not support his re-election in 2019, if the President fails to shake up his cabinet.
Speaking with State House correspondents in Abuja, Okorocha, the Chairman, Progressives Governors’ Forum, who returned with Buhari from Germany at the weekend, urged the President to listen to the voice of the people.
He remarked: “Quite frankly, I am a Governor, and I know where the shoe pinches most. It is like somebody in the game, and those who are outside seem to see more. So its natural. I think for any reason, if there is a clarion call on Mr. President to look into his cabinet, and bring in more people, there is nothing wrong in taking note of the comments from Nigerians.
“If everyone keeps saying the same thing, there must be a sense in what they are saying. But that is not really the situation that should create a big hullabaloo, like this big thing we are all attaching to it.
“Most people in the APC, feel they are not carried along, so many people who worked for the party, are complaining everyday.
“They want appointment, the people in the South-East, are saying that they have not been appointed, some people from the North-East, are saying they have not been appointed, even some people in the North-West, where the President comes from. Some people at Local Government are saying they have not been remembered. So at what point do we draw this line. But there is always room for amendment.”
Okorocha, also dismissed the allegation, that Buhari used the opportunity of the visit, to seek medical attention in Germany.
He said: “The President never went for any medical check-up. At least I was with him till 1 a.m. after dinner, before I left him, and he went to bed, and the following day I came out to see him in the morning.
“He didn’t go to any hospital. The only hospital we went to was to see a Military General, who had an accident. I don’t know why in this part of the world, people are only happy when someone is down. I think we also have to change our attitude.
“If Buhari succeeds, it is Nigeria that is succeeding, and if Nigeria fails, it is not Buhari that is failing. So we just need to support him to succeed, so that all of us can be happy.”
On the President’s wife’s interview with the BBC, the Governor said both comments were taken out of context: “I was there when Mr. President made the comment. I think both the interview and the comment were taken out of context. I can understand why the international community speaks on this matter, because of human rights, and all that is going on around the world.”

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