Nollywood actress and director, Omoni Oboli, has sent words of appreciation to her fans for the box office success of her movie, ‘Wives on Strike’.
The movie, which grossed over N60 million after the first four weeks, has made Omoni Nollywood’s box-office queen.
In a recent interview, she said: “I am very grateful for the immense support you have shown me. This did not come as a result of efforts on my part alone, but a divine favour from God who looked upon me with grace and favour and made it possible for my movies to find acceptance with diverse audiences across Nigeria, Ghana and abroad.
“I can’t thank the fans enough for coming out in droves to not only sit and watch my movies, but also to go out of their way to convince others to watch them, so that they have become sold-out box office successes back-to-back.
“I am also grateful for the endorsement deals and fabulous movie deals I have gotten because of your patronage. Also, I do not take it lightly when I say that my family has been so supportive, and the backbone of my career, so that I am able to joggle both work and family without missing a beat.”
Oboli, who is from Delta State, has begun to enjoy international recognition.
In 2010, she won the award for Best Actress-Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Movie Awards and the award for Best Actress at the Harlem International Film Festival.
She also won Big Screen Actress of the Year award at the 2014 ELOY Awards, for her movie, ‘Being Mrs Elliot’.

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