ONDO STATE Government has
ordered the immediate closure of an
illegal hospital allegedly being operated
by a quack doctor, Adewale Owolanke,
in Uso, a community in Owo Local
Government Area.
The hospital was discovered during
a monitoring exercise carried out by the
state ministry of health.
A Director in the ministry, Dr.
Olayinka Akinsete, who led the team,
said they acted on a report that the
ministry received on the illegal operation
being carried out in the hospital, saying
the allegation was found to be true after
a series of investigations.
“There was a report and when we
got there, the place was initially locked,
because they were aware of our presence,
but it was eventually opened later.
“We saw all the instruments that the
fake doctor was using. We saw cases
such as evacuation, surgeries, cesarean
session yet he denied it.
“It is obvious that the man is a quack
and he has been practicing quackery,
injuring people because he could not
show us any certificate to prove that he
is a doctor.
“As it is now, we have closed down
the place and other things will follow,”
he added.
He stated that the case would be
investigated as some qualified and
certified medical doctors were linked to
the man.
Chairman, state chapter of the
Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Dr.
Gbelela Dolani, who was part of the
team that inspected the hospital, said it
is unfortunate that a lot of atrocities are
found in the profession and it is getting
clearer that those termed ‘quacks’
are getti ng cover from qualified and
certified doctors.
According to him, “the NMA is
interfacing with the monitoring unit of
the ministry and government, praying
that government will listen to its
yearnings and advice.
“We pray that government will listen
and assist us because NMA can do
little. It is government’s responsibility
to ensure that people have access to
qualitative health care services and
when we shout, they should listen
because there are a lot of atrocities in the
“Even within the so-called
government hospitals, a lot of things
need to be corrected in the interest of
the citizenry and the society at large,” he
Responding to questions directed
to him, the alleged quack doctor said
he was trained at America Barbados
University and came back to the
University of Benin Teaching Hospital,
Benin-City, where he said he is currently
doing his clinical.

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