Recently, a gap of knowledge in the use of social media in public relations practice was bridged and its depth nearly reached when Mal. Yusha’u Shuaib, a prolific writer and astute Public relations Practitioner, put up a book on how PR practitioners in the country have responded to the internet and online revolution.
The book, ‘Online Public Relations in Nigeria’ is the fifth outing of the author after he published ‘Writing for the Media’, ‘Financial Public Relations’, ‘Strictly Personal-Writings for The Media’, ‘A Dozen Tips for Media Relations and ‘Nightmare for the Rich’.
While briefing the press, Shu’aib believed that social media emergence has totally changed the way and manner PR practice is being carried out.
He added that public relations practitioner is one of the major beneficiaries of this change, “because as a PR practitioner, you have to keep updating yourself on a daily basis in order to remain afloat.”
According to the author, the book is a product of a research work which he conducted in 2010 that borders on how PR practitioners in the country have responded to the internet and online revolution.
He said: “The study employs research method, direct interview and distribution of questionnaire to aggregate the opinion of various stakeholders on the use of new media.
“Apart from providing the literature review on the traditional media that is necessary to the online PR practice, the study also uncovers some factors that hinder or inhibit the full utilization of social media among public relations practitioners in the country. The research further provides various recommendations to PR stakeholders,” he added.
Shuaib also recalled that in the past, the practice of Public relations was tedious and monotonous, saying: “Media engagement in the past was very tedious. For example, getting a picture or press release to media houses you needed to see receivers face-to-face, or through postal services or speak to people on phone.
“However, with the advent of social media we can now use our mails, social media handles to instantly send and receive information,” he said.

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