SON OF former governor of old
Anambra State, late Chief C. C, Onoh,
Hon Gabriel Onoh has commended
the anti corruption policy of
the present administration in
the country under President
Muhammadu Buhari, stating that
it has given a brighter future for
the country.
Hon Onoh made the statement,
Saturday, in Enugu at the official
commissioning and opening
ceremony of a hotel named
‘Aegbeyi Express Hotel’ by the
state Chief Judge, Justice Innocent
Umezuruike, which he dedicated
to his late father, Chief C. C. Onoh,
who played a leading role in the
creation of Enugu state.
Hon G.B. Onoh urged all
Nigerians to render their
maximum cooperation to President
Buhari in order to achieve the best
for the country, stating that the
global economic meltdown is not
peculiar to Nigeria. According to
him, “There is no magic President
Buhari will perform within a short
period to have revived the nation’s
economic fortunes.”
Responding to questions on
why he is not stepping into his
father’s shoes, Hon Onoh, who
was chairman of Enugu North
Local Government Area in 1997
said he is still a politician but that, to him, politics is not a do or die
He stressed that he stepped
aside in view of the falsehood and
electoral fraud that characterized
the electoral system in the country
within the past 16 years, especially
during the PDP rein at the centre.
Onoh explained that now that
President Buhari is working hard
to sanitise the system, he is hoping
to launch himself back into active politics.
The former council boss said
although he is not a card carrying
member of APC and does not
belong to any political party at
the moment, he has soft spots for
President Buhari’s administration
because of his economic policies
and anti corruption crusade
geared towards restoring the past
glory of the country.
Hon Gabriel Onoh disclosed
that he dedicated the hotel to
the memory of his late father,
Chief C.C. Onoh and Brigadier
Sule Ahman of blessed memory
based on the role two prominent
Nigerians played in his life.
According to him, his father,
the late C. C. Onoh, who died
on May 5, 2009 at the ripe age
of 82 was his mentor in life,
while Brigadier General Ahman
who was military governor
of Enugu state, between 1996 and
1998, appointed him as the state
commissioner for Commerce and
Hon Gab Onoh lamented that
he went through trying moments
in building the hotel lasting over a
period of fifteen years. He disclosed
that as trained architect, he handled
and supervised the construction of
the hotel by himself.