Ile Ife, the cradle of Yoruba history and civilisation will today be designated a Free Tourism Zone by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, as part of the effort to unveil the tourism potentials of the ancient city.
Describing the abundant potentials of Ile Ife, Ooni said that the city is blessed with lots of rich historical facts, mysteries and tourism potentials among others and listed some of the cultures, mysteries and rich historical artefacts which have helped to shape Ife, as a centre for historical tourism for scholarly studies.
Speaking in his palace ahead of the ceremony, the Ojaja II, disclosed that today, Ife will be declared a free tourism zones during the Ife day celebration.
Oba Ogunwusi said the declaration will promote tourism activities that will not only attract investors and investment but also ignite economic activities, employment and revenue for the people of Osun.
The Ooni promised to transform Ife to another destination for cultural, spiritual and leisure tourism enclave for both domestic and international tourists which will be will be the first phase of the expansion bid.
“Ife is significant in the history of humanity and that is the content we want to develop and promote for people to see. For those who may believe it or dismiss it, the Tower of Babel and the Ark of Noah in the Bible are all in Ife land,” Oba Ogunwusi, the 51st Ooni of Ife said.
Already, the Ooni, who desires to elevate Ife to a higher tourism and cultural pedestal, has commenced the construction of the Ife Grand Resort, in Ife to replicate the Inagbe Grand Resort in Lagos.
The Ooni explained that tourism now is a different ball game, adding that he has formed a strong alliance with Lacampaigne Tropicana to propel that tourism vision.
According to him, the mysteries in Ife, which has been hidden for a long time now, are too many. In this palace, we have like three, beside the palace, you will see one, the Imolu, is an amazing place, is my wife in the palace, is the water, she is alive, she is a place that has life in it. If you put bulldozer there, she will break it. You cannot take the water out, but you can drink it, wash you hands and it will cleanse your spirit”, the Ooni stated.
“Recently, I granted an interview where I just mentioned two of the mysteries and everybody said no, is impossible, it can never be here, but the truth is that is here, I mentioned the story of the tower of Babel in the Bible, is in Ife land, the second one I mentioned is the ark of Noah, it is here, but people say no way, but the truth is that it is here, the tower of Bable they said it is in Egypt, no is not in Egypt, it is here because the two stories are very synonymous, God created the world and destroyed it with the great flood, you all know the story of the great flood and the ark of Noah story, the ark built to save some souls, plants, animals etcetera, but the Ark of Noah is here, is a mystery place, is along Okeora, the entire Okeora is more than 1000 miles in stretch.
He explained further that Ife has too many mysteries and landmarks, stressing that God left mysteries for us to see these landmarks.
“What is driving Ife is very simple, too many mysteries in this land, and I tell people, we are not talking about Supremacy here. Ife in English language means land of expansion, there is no land that has that name in the world. And I will tell the Journalists to watch a very powerful documentary put together by the western world, it is called the story of oracles, very powerful, when you watch it, you will be very proud to be an African man, everything started from here, there was another world that was pre genesis world, is a fantastic documentary”, his Majesty explained.

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