CHIEF Priest of Obatala (Obaleesun), Chief Olaolu Oladotun Dada has described the visit of Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan-Ojaja 11, to the American President Barack Obama recently as a unique one. The prominent traditionalist disclosed this in Ile-Ife, Osun State, during an exclusive interview in his temple with Nigerian Pilot on the recent tour embarked upon by the Ooni to the United States of America, USA. Chief Dada emphasised that Oba Adeyeye had broken the jinx, as he is now the number one Ooni of the ancient Ile-Ife to visit such a president of the USA. Obatala said that, “We spent over five hours at the White House while the Ooni and his adorable wife had a closed door meeting with President Barack Obama; this had never happened in the history of Ile-Ife. “Even I can boldly say that Oba Adeyeye is the first Yoruba Oba to have such an opportunity and if I also say that he is the first Oba in Nigeria as well to visit USA president, I am not mistaking at all. “Indeed, this development confirms Ooni as a spirit and not an ordinary being, being the first African king to have visited the American power house. Obaleesun explained that the fact that Ooni is not an ordinary being was manifested in the way the royal father and his entourage was welcomed by the American government. The chief priest said the warm reception given to them was far beyond their expectations, saying the trip would forever remain a reference point in the history of Ile-Ife and black Africa at large. He further disclosed that the American government gave an award of Ambassador of Peace to Ooni Adeyeye in recognition of his outstanding quest for peace in Yoruba land and Nigeria as a whole. He added that an American- based organisation, African View, also gave him an award as an ‘African Spirit’ for his excellent prowess and skills in appeasing the Obatala and Eledumare gods. “Our trip to the USA with Oba Adeyeye Enitan will forever remain evergreen and indelible in our memory. “We did not expect the kind of attention and hospitality we got from the American government. We were treated like the real African royal entourage that we are; it was awesome, interesting and wonderful. “We went to the White House with our drums and flutes, as we beat our drums and sang our traditional songs to the admiration of officials at the state house,” Dada said. “Similarly, what Oba Adeyeye has done within the short period of entering the throne is a unique one because there was none out of the past Oonis that has exposed the ancient Ile-Ife to the entire international community like Oba Adeyeye has done. “Oba Adeyeye did not expose the town alone; he even travelled to the USA with his chiefs, some traditional rulers from far and near Ile-Ife, and some traditionalists among others; this trip will continue to remain on the marble,” Dada added further.