Super Falcons striker Desire Oparanozie has vowed that the team are capable of breaking their existing record at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, holding this summer in Canada.
The two-goal heroine in the 9-1 routing of Mali, a marvellous 21-year-old amazon said she was looking at a situation where the current squad will break their current best feat at the World Cup and set a new one.
“Looking at the World Cup in Canada, I want to be a part of the team, the team that will break the previous records set by our veterans.
So if we can exceed that and get beyond what they’ve done I will be fulfilled and happy,“ she said.
The best Falcons reached at the World Cup was a second round.
She thanked her team mates who have supplied her with the passes she’s been making use of. According to her, “I am nobody without the assistance of my fellow players, who own and deserve the credits for my scoring success.”
“Without the assistance of my other teammates there is barely anything I could do exactly. So, as an individual, I believe in the team and they also believe in me, we will work together as a team and achieve whatsoever we have set out to achieve,” she explained.
Oparanozie, who is plying her silky trade in France with Guingamp, praised her performance at the club level. “So far it has been so good for me at the club side. I have been doing well at the club level. Its good for me. I am happy,” she said.

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