Lotto operator, Chief Francoise Chidiac has urged the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, NLRC, to ensure that the rules and regulations governing lottery business in Nigeria were fully complied with by all operators to avoid negative competition in lottery business and the activities of fake and dubious operators.
Chief Chidiac, who disclosed this in Abuja, also urged the NLRC to mete out adequate punishment to violators of rules of business in lottery in Nigeria, to ensure sanity and attract genuine investors into the country.
He strongly advocated that all lottery licence holders should utilise their licences in order to grow the industry in Nigeria.
Chidiac, whose lotto business has already become popular in most states of the South-East, said that he looked forward to seeing lottery business taken to every state in Nigeria.
He also called on other operators to strive to take lottery to unexplored cities where lottery
has not been introduced instead of crowding the few explored areas.
Chief Chidiac, who was recently accused by his former employee, Mr.
Ahmad Mehdi, of using security agents to harass him, denied demanding
$30million from Ahmad as damages.
He, however, accused Mehdi of leaving his company ingloriously.
According to him, “In August 2012, he left my company without notice, without resigning, without saying goodbye. He caused a lot of damage to my company and my business.
“The $3million I am claiming for damages is for losses on the company’s business due to the way he left the company and his actions and activities since then. I accused him of causing me to lose $3million dollars not $30million, because he left my business without resignation and proper handover.
“At the end of 2012, he came and wanted to establish his own lotto business. I advised him to go to new territories for the benefit of his business and his company, and for the good of lotto business generally. This I did in good faith.”
The lottery mogul said that he promised to assist Mehdi to develop his business so that they could cooperate and work hand in hand to make sure that lottery was developed everywhere in Nigeria.
Mr. Chidiac was, however, optimistic that the NLRC was equal to the task of sanitising lottery business in the country.
“The lottery commission is on ground to regulate the lottery industry. I am sure they know what to do about this kind of crowding and unhealthy competition to protect genuine operators from illegal operators.”

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