Oracle Nigeria has concluded partnerships with the National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion, NOTAP, and the Office of National Content ONC in order to entrench electronic governance in public and private sectors.
The global software service provider is also working with five state governments in the country namely Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Edo, Akwa Ibom States to make sure that chief executives drive governance using information technology, IT, at their various agencies aimed at reducing wastages, driving business agility and simplifying IT.
The company last week deployed at the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF, its comprehensive suite of products and technology to improve pension contributor outcomes, ability to target services efficiently, integrate service providers into the system more effectively, and increase the efficiency of the operation as a whole.
The infrastructure project is still underway and scheduled for completion in 2016. It will put a modern infrastructure in place to provide social security benefits to the aged, the unemployed, child welfare recipients and the physically challenged, started with an exploratory phase in 2014 and the implementation is expected to run through 2016 in phased approach.
Mr. Adebayo Sanni, managing director, Oracle Nigeria speaking at its annual Cloud Day event which attracted customers, partners, stakeholders and government officials from various industries to discuss how Cloud is transforming business today said technology is not new in powering business, but is evolving constantly and rapidly.
He noted that how businesses use this transformative technology would set them apart from their competitors. “Today, the cost of technology is no longer considered an issue for any company that wants to use IT to drive business innovation. The CEO’s focus should remain on innovation and agility to remain ahead of the competition,” said Sanni.
“Our focus is to remove the complexity, to simplify IT and provide the most comprehensive cloud offering. CEOs need to strive for agility irrespective of the size of their organisation; to remain progressive and forward-thinking, despite how they may perceive their company today in an ever-changing competitive landscape; and to have a team that is really focused on using IT as an innovation driver in every part of their business” he said.
Sanni said digital disruption is here to stay. “We know it as social, mobile, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT). Cloud is leading the way because it is critical. CEOs and business drivers are looking business agility to enter new markets, increase financial growth, expansion, lower total cost of ownership, etc”, he said.

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