In what can be described as using beauty to add value to humanity, organisers of the Miss United Nations Nigeria beauty pageant have said Abuja auditions for the pageant will be coming up soon.
The pageant which is a first of its kind entails contestants to have a heart of love in terms of reaching out to meet the needs of others who find themselves in desperate situations.
In a media chat, the reigning queen of Miss United Nations World Pageant, Miss Precious Chikwendu, founder of Snow White Heart Foundation said the contest is open to women between the ages of 19 and 29 and they are expected to be doing some charity work in their community.
She stated that being affiliate of the UN pageant contestants must have a change project attitude.
“The United Nations Pageant is a pageant that focuses on volunteer work; each contestant must have a background in volunteer work for her community. If they are chosen to represent their country they will receive their countries’ title.
Contestants must be articulate with excellent social and conversational skills, express themselves clearly and diplomatically and must project a pleasant personality and approachable at all times.’’
Even if they don’t win one of the United Nations titles, they will still have their countries’ title to do charity work. The United Nations Pageant has a category for every woman because we believe every woman has a voice at any stage of her life. Our pageant has four areas of competition: Interview; fashion; sportswear and evening gown.’’
She also added that there will also be a Mrs. United Nations Nigeria pageant for married women and a Teenage version too.
The Anambra state born queen announced that the Nigerian edition of the pageant would hold on May 16, 2015 at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.
The Project Director of Miss United Nations Nigeria Pageant, Mr. Uche Odion, said there would be no bikini’s in this pageant, while stressing that the pageant was meant to inculcate and add value to members of the society.
He added that the pageant will give contestants the platform to impact on the lives of people.
“One of the major conditions for qualification for the contest was the initiation of a pet project designed to uplift humanity. For you to win the beauty pageant, therefore, you must have a running project. You must have something you are doing or something you have already started that is bringing positive change to humanity.
Odion said the reigning Nigerian Queen had executed many projects leading to economic empowerment and provision of infrastructure.

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