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Oro youths threaten showdown over governorship position



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YOUTHS from across the five local governments making up Oro ethnic nationality in Akwa Ibom state have threatened a showdown in the state if the position of governor is not ceded to the Oros in 2019.

They have also resolved to collaborate and wage massive resistance in the struggle to gain wide consideration as the need of the area to produce a governor in 2019 intensifies.

For some time now the Oro ethnic nation has been embroiled in agitations for a governor of the ethnic extraction over Akwa Ibom state, a position that has eluded the area since the creation of the state in 1987.

Anonymous sources say that part of the agitation involved the mounting of continuous pressure on political organizations, political leaders and the traditional institution to see the need of meeting their candid position as a means to realizing an acceptable position to a present worrisome situation.

While contacts have been made with the militant youths to stay action and allow for wide interest negotiations, a good number of notable politicians in the area have been warned of the huge consequences in their likely support of persons from other ethnic groups in the build up to next year’s gubernatorial positions.

“These have been warned sternly to desist from intervening or negotiating outside the core interest of Oro ethnic nationality being primarily considered across all political parties for the state gubernatorial ticket,” it said.

Though one may not know its exact capabilities, it is clear that the goal is to however ensure that political parties across lines would be drawn to offer its gubernatorial tickets to persons of Oro extraction otherwise the state could be thrown into a hotbed of crisis.

It was further gathered that the campaign which would be militant in nature and would be coordinated from various locations by a “notorious” militant under the name, General Uweh Bakassi “may prove more destructive to existing interest.”

According to the source, “this is held considering a perceived capacity that its eventual outcome may posses the likely potentials of being brutal.”

It added that the “strike of sudden insurgency across the region will give no warnings whatsoever and is deliberately designed to create as much levels in maximum fear to allowing a political give-in to the alleged demands of the militant youths because we cannot as a people continue to be held captive by an inconsiderate system.”

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