EDO STATE is in debt to the tune of $300billion, making it the third most indebted in the country. The state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, gave the revelation yesterday after undertaking an x-ray of the leadership and human relationship styles of the outgoing governor of the state, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, which it concluded was “very poor.” The party said the former labour leader whose eight-year tenure ends this weekend was more or less a dictator who was very intolerant of his aides and displayed “callous disregard for other people’s opinion and feelings and “disrespect for elders.” A close aide of the PDP governorship candidate in the September 28, 2016, state governorship election and chairman of the PDP social media committee, Mr Efe Igbinovia, gave the indication yesterday a while addressing a press conference on Oshiomhole’s tenure in Benin City. He said many people who were privileged to work with Oshiomhole as governor would testify that he is a dictator. “They will tell you that he doesn’t entertain contrary opinion as he begins a meeting and ends it. He doesn’t understand a thing about leadership and he doesn’t care. “His style is me, myself and I. If you criticise, challenge or oppose him, you will be silenced. He is dreaded by his followers like a god-king. They dare not correct him. In fact, he has the final say to every word,” Igbinovia revealed. Igbinovia, who said Edo people had become used to the facade Oshiomhole represented after eight years, added that it was ironic that for a man who was initially populist, recently came to “a very sad and disappointing end. “When Adams Oshiomhole first took the helm of office not many would have imagined him a colossal failure. ‎People cheered wildly at his coming, thinking they had found a messiah, but little did they know that they brought an ant infested wood to their homes. “Oshiomhole is the biggest scam the media ever sold to Nigeria. When we look at our life, that is, the standard of living, you don’t need to be told that the economy of the state is completely dead,” he said, adding that “unemployment is at 70 percent. The state is in debt to the tune of $300billion, making it the third most indebted in the country. You will only appreciate my lamentation about the disaster the man inflicted on Edo when we look at his efforts sectorally. “In agriculture, Oshiomhole cannot point to a grain, tuber or a seedling that Edo produced and exported for commercial purpose. Even the farmers in the state have all relocated. How sad! Uromi Cassavita plant, Urhonigbe Rubber Plantation, Ewu Flour Mill, Warrake Farms, etc. are all lying prostrate. “What about housing? How can one imagine a former labour leader who never built a single housing estate for civil servants in eight years? Tourism is dead in the state despite being the cradle of black civilisation – rich in culture and heritage with so many wonders of the Benin Kingdom and indeed Edo State waiting to be explored.” Igbinovia also said, “Trade and investment is zero. Absolutely, nothing is happening there. Even the investments we have in the state have moved to neighbouring Ondo and Delta. For eight years, this government could not hold an investment summit neither did it create an avenue to sell Edo to investors. The consequence of his inaction is hunger and starvation.” On the health sector, he said, “Virtually all the primary health care in the state have collapsed. Even the phantom accident and emergency ward of the Central Hospital in Benin City that he said he built with billions of Naira is still not operational for lack of furniture and medical personnel and facilities days after Buhari commissioned. “Although we have been told that it’s a PPP initiative, yet no one in the state is aware of the private company neither did they make appearance at the commissioning. So health care is not accessible and people are still dying of Vaccine Preventable Diseases daily.” He concluded that for eight years, Oshiomhole ran a media-centered government that fed Edo people with falsehood and propaganda, adding that, “Truth be told, Oshiomhole is overrated by many people but he is actually a self serving man and an empty vessel.”

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