The need for Nigeria to move from planning to diversify her economy and abandon her overdependence on ‎export of crude oil by taking action, has been re-emphasized.
Edo state governor, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole stated this yesterday as guest Lecturer in the maiden Nigerian Union of Journalists Correspondent Chapel public lecture ‎ on the Challenges facing the country owing to dwindling returns from oil revenue.
Oshiomhole lamented that since 1960 Nigerian budgets has included plans and policy statements dedicated to diversifying the economy but without any action on the part of the country’s leaders.
“Nigeria has become more dependent on oil over the years despite talk of diversification. The more we talk of moving away from solely depending on crude oil exports, the more ‎dependent we have we have become”.
“Never have we as a country experienced such negative consequences on the life of our people than now, when government at all levels are failing in their obligations unable to pay salaries of its workers as and when due”.
He said from a record high price of crude at $140 per barrel between 2006 -2007, to the present unstable price regime of $38 per barrel Nigeria and Nigerians must put on a thinking cap to get out of the mess thereby created.
He also said the question now is How Nigeria can survive without oil, adding that “everywhere around the world government depend on taxes and not on Crude oil. The challenge is for us to put on our thinking cap and articulate ways to diversify the Nigerian economy”.
Meanwhile the governor who debunked the notion that the purpose of government is to employ workers and pay them salaries said the purpose rather is for it to deploy public resources to provide needed infrastructure.

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