Osun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has condemned Governor Aregbesola for holding a stakeholders’ summit. The PDP described the Summit as deceitful.
The director of Media and Strategy of the party in the state, Prince Diran Odeyemi said “this is not the kind of stakeholders meeting we asked him to call, hiding behind federal and state legislatures to convene the stakeholders meeting is deceitful and evidence of lack of seriousness by Ogbeni Aregbesola.
“Though it is evident to all that APC has failed in Osun but becausewe have no other state to run to, we are ready to be part of the solutions but the governor must show sincerity while we must see evidence that our collective advice will guide the governor in his future policies.
“The one day conference is an acceptance of failure by the ruling party and we believe the conference would have been better organized than the hurriedly put up show to seek support for the government.”
The party also warned the state government against introducing heavy taxes in the state.
“We hope the so called “one-day Stakeholders Conference” is not meant to deceive people into accepting new tax regime the administration plans to introduce whereas repatriation of the state’s funds lying in the personal bank accounts of many APC leaders should be the first step.
“PDP as a party believes several billions of Osun money are in some individuals’ accounts, let these individuals return our money first and from there, we can begin to look at other sources, if need be to raise funds for the state.
“A former commissioner we were told visited some markets in Osogbo few days ago to cajole traders into accepting property and other forms of taxes that Aregbesola wants to introduce and we begin to wonder how the governor will tax unpaid workers.”
The party also advised Governor Aregbesola to be more tolerant of the people with opinions at variance with his.
“He is organising a conference to cajole people into accepting payment of taxes, but some concerned stakeholders with right ideas came together and organised a summit where issues affecting the stateA were thrashed and solutions found recently.
“Intolerant nature of Aregbesola, however didn’t allow the summit to hold in Osogbo. We believe the entire world is noting what opposition political parties are passing through in the hands of Aregbesola and we hope anti-graft agencies will intervene in Osun debacle and pull the state out of the present quagmire”, the PDP concluded.