A MEDICAL assistant
with a community
health center in Ede,
Osun State, Alfred
Aderibigbe, was
arrested on Tuesday
by the police for
allegedly causing the
death of Senator Isiaka
Adeleke on Sunday.
According to reports,
he is currently detained
at the State Investigation
Bureau of the Nigeria
Police in Osogbo.
The Osun State
Government and
the deceased family
wanted an autopsy to
be carried out to find
out the cause of the
death and the result
showed that the senator
died of drug overdose.
Call records
obtained from his
phone confirmed that
the senator called
Aderibigbe on many
occasions to administer
some drugs on him
after he complained
of pain in his leg.
On Sunday morning, he
started complaining that
he was feeling unwell
and sent for Aderibigbe
to give him painkillers
intravenously, a double
dose of analgesics
was administered on
him. Shortly after, he
had a heart attack and
was taken to Biket
Hospital where he
was pronounced dead.

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