P-square’s shocking split is still trending on social media.
Their fans are clearly not happy about the breakup and Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh, has also aired his opinion about the split,
“So Psquare has split into MR P and RUDE BOY? Joining Sound Sultan, Faze, Black Face, African China, Ruggedman etc as old upcoming artistes,” he wrote via his official twitter handle.
Meanwhile, following tales that the Okoye brothers might be putting an end to P’Square, the music brand that they jointly worked on for several years, an angry fan issued an open communiqué addressing the plight of fans of the pop duo.
According to the aggrieved fan, BabbyDaddy, followers of the music group have resolved to air their views since they passionately follow the music brand.
The fan also threatened that followers of P-Square will desert any event that will feature the Okoye brothers as solo artists.
“Any artiste, group of artistes, shows or event that chooses to feature any of the Ps without the Square is doing so at his or her own risk.”
The short communiqué reads: “The Association of Fans of the Duo, P-Square, AFDP, has resolved: That no album, singles, feature of any of the Ps will be patronised by us henceforth. It is either P-Square or they should promote and buy their music themselves. Please be reminded also that shows are inclusive in the ban. We shall henceforth not attend shows with only one of the Ps in attendance. Once only one P surfaces, the show will be wholeheartedly deserted.”

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