NATIONAL chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun has said that he had no regret whatsoever since he joined politics in the country many years ago. Oyegun, who turned 77 years last Friday, added that for him it had always been an era of service to the nation. Speaking at the weekend with newsmen shortly after a surprise party organised by the APC staff members for him at the party’s secretariat, Oyegun pledged that as long as he remained alive, he would do all in his power to ensure Nigeria achieved greatness. “No, I have not had any regret actually. For me it has been an era of service to nation and like I said, I think I only said that publicly once; the moment I embarked on politics and decided to be a full-time politician and to seek elective office, my objective was clear and, that is, I was growing up when there were these wonderful leaders – NnamdiAzikiwe, Ahmadu Bello, ObafemiAwolowo, Tafawa Belewa.

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“But I think the sadness in me going back up to two years ago, I don’t think any of them had that fulfilment of knowing that yes all our labours have turned out right, because the country is headed in a right direction and it is headed for greatness, it is headed for its manifest destiny as the greatest, the largest and most highly populated black nation on the face of the earth, things continued to degenerate. “I will do everything I can while the good Lord gives me health, gives me strength and gives me the possibilities to influence the events, I will do everything in my power so that when my time comes I would be on my dead bed with a smile on my face that, yes, finally Nigeria is on the road to greatness. “I have that fulfilment today. I worked hard at every opportunity. I worked hard to ensure that this great coalition called the APC removed an incumbent and came into being. What that means is that with the help of other imaginative and wonderful party leaders, today we are in government, today I have finally seen that yes we are taking the turn, we are now on the road. It is early days yet. There is no question at all that we are now addressing these issues that held this great nation down and so I consider myself fulfilled. We are now addressing them, we will get there; Nigeria will be great again.” When asked to reveal the secret of his sound health despite his age, Oygeun said: “I don’t know if I am doing anything very special, except that I don’t do anything that would worry me or that would lead to threat, or that would make or cause enemies. “Whatever I do I think even the worse critic knows that I am doing it with honest intention and not deliberately to undermine or deliberately to harm, and things like that, except politically, I have no natural enemies. I live my life quietly, go about whatever I want to go, drive myself. Of course with the office of the National Chairman, security is forced on you, but outside that, I am just like any other Nigerian,” he concluded.

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