Oyo Stat e first lady, Mrs.
Florence Ajimobi is allegedly
unhappy with one of her aides,
Lape over alleged issue of
‘backbiting’ and ‘disloyalty.’
Lape, who until now was
a top aide attached to the
first lady was said to have
drawn the ire of her boss
when she allegedly pitched
her tent with the opposition.
Lape is claimed to be the
closest to First Lady and enjoys
all the perks that come with her
high office in cash and in kind
before the ugly incident that
axed her from her high office.
Her closeness with the First
Lady earned her the official
post of ‘Protocol 1′ which
is an influential position
that draws envy among
the aides of the First Lady.
The narration of Lape’s ordeal
started with an early errand she
was to take for her principal
who called her mobile phone
to know of her movement. The
aide was said to have answered
and hinted the First Lady that
she was already on her way
back to the Governor’s private
home in Oluyole, Ibadan when
she mistakenly forgot to end
the call. The First Lady who
suspected an unusual behavior
was said to have eavesdropped
on Lape’s conversation with the
other occupants of the car who
were the driver and another
aide called the ‘Protocol 3′.
The conversation which
lasted a few minutes allegedly
had Lape saying ‘these fools
(Governor and his wife) don’t
know anything, they can’t win
any election. I would rather
vote for Seyi Makinde or
Ladoja than see them coming
back into government. All they
know about governance is to
steal money and maltreat their
staffers’, the driver was said
to be quiet while ‘Protocol 3′
was alleged to have laughed.
The First Lady, who was
said to be shocked from
what she heard, instantly
placed a call to the Governor
to report Lape’s disloyalty.
When Lape eventually arrived,
the First Lady who could not
conceal her anger ordered the
‘Protocol 3′ to pack her bags
and return immediately to the
Secretariat while she turned
to Lape and asked ‘ki la shey
fun e Lape?’, meaning; what
wrong have we done to you,
Lape? The bewildered Lape
was just looking and when
she caught the drift of what
could have happened, went
on her knees and begged
the First Lady profusely.
When the Governor later
arrived, he was said to have
called a meeting of the Head
of Service and Lape’s husband
(a Permanent Secretary in
Oyo State) and directed that
Lape should also return to
the Secretariat before they
would later decide her fate.
Sources revealed to Nigeria
Pilot Saturday, that what is
now known as the ‘Lapeepisode’
among the aides of the
Governor and the First Lady has
created a wary development as
they all dare not say anything
in the negative about the

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