With the date of their hugely anticipated bout less than a month away, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s training intensity has hit gruelling levels ahead of the clash in Las Vegas.
Mayweather is as renowned for showing off his extravagant lifestyle as he is for going undefeated in his professional career.
But the latest pictures released from his training camp, appearing to show him hanging a weight from his head, displays the extreme level he hits in order to be as fit as possible for his fights.
As for Pacquiao, he had a famous visitor check up on his preparations for May 2.
Actor Mark Wahlberg stopped by to see the Filipino going through his paces and Pacquiao took to Twitter to thank him for stopping by.
‘Thank you @mark_wahlberg for visiting me and supporting me at training in preparation for May 2. Thank you Lord,’ Pacquiao wrote alongside the image of the pair.
But despite taking time out from his training to meet Wahlberg, Pacquiao made sure it was known he has not backed off the intensity of his regime.
‘Don’t make training easy,’ Pacquiao said on Twitter. ‘Make it harder so that you will get better.’
Pacquiao also tweeted a picture showing the physical shape he is in with another 27 days to go before the meeting with Mayweather.
Pacquiao and Mayweather’s clash will be a reported £160million mega-fight, with Pacquiao seeking to inflict a first ever defeat upon Mayweather.
The 36-year-old Pacquiao also uploaded a picture to his Twitter page away from training with his daughter.
‘My daughter wrote in her What I like about my Dad book #46 ‘I am so happy that you are a great husband to mommy.’ Pacquiao said.
Mayweather, meanwhile, shared an image of him listening to music to wind down from his training schedule.

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