The head teacher of Bishop Otubelu Jubilee Schools, Awkunanaw, Enugu, Mrs. Chinazom Okeke has called on parents, especially mothers, to take proper care of their children and wards so that miscreants do not ill-treat them and take undue advantage of them.
Mrs. Okeke who made the call in an address during the 2014/2015 graduation ceremony of the school at the weekend, painted a pathetic picture of how some children are being molested sexually and punishments meted on them because their children are either at offices at their business places.
According to the head teacher, a young woman almost ran amok one day when she saw her nephew forcefully pushing his manhood inside the private part of a two month baby just because she was not around to look after her home.
To eschew such dastardly act happening, she therefore urged parents to be alive to their parental responsibilities and not abdicate them.
“It is high time you call a spade a spade. Rise up to your responsibility and remedy the already existing situation in your home and in the neighourhood,” she urges parents.
She lamented that if parents do not take care of their responsibilities towards their children, “Heaven will hold you responsible if you harden your heart.”

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