Special Assistant to Akwa Ibom State Governor on Grassroots Mobilisation in Abuja (North), Honourable Emmanuel Inyang has said that the recent directive by the Minister of federal capital territory, FCT, Alhaji Mohammed Bello to partner indigenes of the state within the FCT to export vegetables (Ugu leaf) to European countries will help to boost the economy of the country.
It could be recalled that the FCT Minister gave the directive recently when a delegation from Akwa Ibom State Liaison Office, Abuja led by Hon. Inyang paid him a courtesy visit in his office.
He also noted that the partnership will further create job opportunities to our teeming unemployed youths as well as empower our women in the FCT.
According to him, the partnership will help to “empower our youths, women as well as create a cordial relationship between the people of Akwa Ibom residing in FCT and the FCT administration.
“We strongly belief that with the intervention of the FCT Minister, which he has already given a directive to the Abuja Enterprise Agency to meet with me, so we can see how to partner and encourage women who engage in the cultivation of fluted pumpkin (Ugu leafs), the economy would be stimulated.
Speaking further, he stated that the Minister expressed hope of exporting the vegetables to London, France, and many European Counties around the world on a daily bases.
Hon Inyang also revealed that the Minister was very much disturbed that countries like Ghana are the ones exporting ‘Ugu’ leafs to the European countries when Nigerian women especially Akwa Ibom women can as well do same.
Similarly, he disclosed that the Minister has also given a go ahead to set up a craft centre where both youths from Akwa Ibom state and non- Akwa Ibom indigenes will be trained in skilled work such as carpentry, tailoring and so on, instead of staying idle while waiting for white collar jobs.
While describing the Minister as a good father who does not segregate base on ethnicity or Religion, Inyang said that he has already been directed to put up everything he needs, to facilitate the take-of of the partnership to ensure that Akwa Ibom citizens residing in Abuja are not left out in this government.

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  • 4dtruthonly

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