Some of the political, religious and tribal conflicts being experienced in the country have been blamed on deviation from the true words of God.
Senior Pastor Ben Andrew of the Living Faith Church in Lafia, Nasarawa State, made the observation in a sermon titled: “The wonders of the words”, in Lafia on Sunday.

“We are going through a lot now because everybody is interpreting the words as he/she feels.

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“You must do what God says to receive his grace. If you like, pretend to speak in tongues, God will not hear you”, he said.

Andrew listed positive transformation as one of the benefits for obeying God’s true word which could change a man from a terrorist, troublemaker, fornicator or thief to a peacemaker, who abhors sin.

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He also said that God’s words carry cleansing power for man, adding that they also teach wisdom that could help believers to overcome challenges and succeed in life.

“The more you adhere to God’s true words, the more righteous you are. The words of God help believers to know what to do because whatever he/she is looking for is hidden in wisdom and wisdom is in the true words of God.

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“Don’t let anyone deceive you to commit crime under the guise that you are obeying God’s words.

“Seek the true words through His holy books and personal meditation. Whenever things are not working, before you blame satan, change yourself and follow the true words of God’’, he stressed. (NAN)


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