A 66-year-old Pastor, Mr. Vincent Omojeya, has begged an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State to dissolve his 36-year-old marriage to his wife, Mary, 58, accusing her of encouraging his son to drink and smoke Indian hemp with reckless abandoned, and also turning him and other of his children against him.
The pastor also said that he did not want to live with his wife again because he doesn’t trust her again, and that she might connive with his son who always drink alcohol and smoke Indian hemp to untimely terminate his life.
He told the court that his wife, whom he married 36 years ago, was the one that destroyed his son’s life by not cautioning him anytime he erred.
“My wife always ignores my son whenever he does wrong things. He does not sleep in the house anymore, he drinks a lot and smokes Indian hemp heavily in my house and anytime I try to scold him, my wife will not allow me to do that but rather screaming that I should leave her son for her,’’ he said.
The Pastor said that Mary was also fond of instigating his children against him, especially his only son to disrespect him.
“Anytime my wife and I are fighting, she will call my son and order him to beat me up in her presence. There was a day my son threatened to kill me, he brought out a knife with which he attempted to stab me in the stomach. He grabbed my neck, but I had to prevent him from stabbing me and in the process the knife cut my hand.
“We were taken to the police station where the officers advised me to pack out of the house for my dear life or else my family members will kill me. I have packed out of the house for two years now and rented a room, thus denying myself the comfort of the house I built with my money,’’ he told the court.
Omojeya also alleged that his son broke the windscreen of a car he had just bought on hire-purchase while his wife was there watching him.
However, the 58-year-old Mary Omojeya, in defence, alleged that her husband was always cursing his family members anytime they offended him using the Holy Bible.
“My husband never prays for either of the children or myself, rather he cursed us using the bible and assaulted us over any slight provocation,’’ the mother of five told the court.
“My husband has a wire which he always uses to flog me and the children; he always fights with his friends, tenants and church members also. These always lead us to the police station for settlement,’’ she said
Mary said that Vincent was an ingrate who was quick to forget that her mother and uncle sponsored the education of their children up to the university level.
Then, my husband was always complaining that he did not have money to sponsor our children’s education, she said.
Mary said that her husband removed the roof on their flat and disconnected the wire that was supplying electricity to their flat thus throwing them into darkness.
She also accused her husband of disconnecting the pipes that supplied potable water to their apartment.
The development, she added, left the family with the only option of buying water for domestic purposes from unknown sources and also fetching rain water anytime it rain.
She, however, denied the accusation that their son was always fighting his father on her prompting.
Mary said that rather, their son was always protecting her from his father whenever my husband was beating me.
The respondent, however, begged the court not to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of their marriage, saying that she was still in love with her husband.
President of the Court, Mr. Hakeem Oyekan, adjourned the case to May 27 for further hearing. NAN

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