Uprising Fuji artiste, Sikiru Lemo has condemned the ill-gesture of the star Fuji act, Alabi Pasuma towards him recently at an event in Lagos.
The unpalatable scene occurred at the LTV 8 premises where Pasuma, Sikiru Lemo and other artistes were billed to perform.
According to an insider source, Sikiru Lemo was said to have walked up to Pasuma to exchange greetings but the young star met the worse moment of the day. “The guy was busy greeting Pasuma, raising his two arms as a sign of respect to him, (Pasuma) but he (Pasuma) severally shunned and snubbed him. Lemo felt so ashamed at the development; it took the intervention of some of Pasuma’s aides who tactically advised him to leave their boss alone since Pasuma did not respond,” a source revealed.
When contacted, Lemo said, “I don’t know what I’ve done wrong for Pasuma, we met at an event, and as a down to earth artiste who always give respect to whom respect is due among his colleagues, both senior and junior ones. I went to greet him but to my dismay, my senior colleague whom I respect so much shunned my greeting. He threw away his face as if he was oblivious of my presence. You can imagine it, because of that mess; I refused to perform at that show that day. Anyway, I’m not going to disrespect him for his action but I will only want my respected senior colleague who chose to rubbish me in public, to remember that an egg will metamorphose into a cock. No one is an Island,” the singer posited pitifully.

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