Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan was elected on Thursday to serve as the next speaker of the House — a vote that followed weeks of uncertainty and came on the heels of the House passage of a sweeping two-year bipartisan budget deal.

Ryan called for a renewed effort to make the House function as a great deliberative body again. He underscored the need for a larger vision behind the House’s day-to-day work and called for all members to rise to the occasion.

“The House is broken. We are not solving problems We are adding to them,” Ryan said adding that a new way of doing things is in order. “We are not settling scores. We are wiping the slate clean.”

“Only a truly functioning House can represent the people,” Ryan said.

Ryan acknowledged that debate and differences are a necessary part of the legislative process and called for a greater degree of respect in listening to opposing views.

“We have nothing to fear from honest differences honestly stated,” Ryan said. “If you have ideas, let’s hear them. I believe that a greater clarity between us can lead to a greater charity among us.”

He also asked members to put the concerns of working families front and center.

“No more favors for the few. Opportunities for all. That is our motto,” Ryan said.

NBC news

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