The deputy governorship candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the just concluded election in Niger state, Alhaji Liman Kantigi has warned those grouping in the name of PDP trying to work out modalities to distract the good beginning of governor of Niger state, Abubakar Sani Bello.
According to a statement he issued over the weekend in Minna, he said “some politicians in Niger state are very good at distracting leaders by being the enemies of the state instead of joining hands after elections to make the state great.”
He further stated that as soon as elections are over it is the responsibilities of all Nigerlites to join hands with whosoever God has granted leadership position.
“It is our duty to follow Governor Abubakar Sani Bello so as to move the state forward” Kantigi stated, while observing that most Nigerlites spearheading the plans to distract the administration of Governor Bello are those who do not mean well for the state but selfish politicians who always want to enrich themselves.
“Abu is not from outside Niger state but an indigene of the state so I see no reason that party difference should be used as a leverage to distract him instead of supporting him to perform better than other governors,” Kantigi declared.
He further said that he would organize people to wage war against anybody who stands to distract the governor from providing good governance and dividend of democracy to the people of the state.
“I am prepared to use my resources, my supporters to wage war against any group trying to block him from doing his work as it was in the past. Our responsibility is to put party issues aside and join hands in ensuring the government succeeds.
“Parties are to select good, acceptable and credible candidates, once the choice is made by the people and God, it is our duty to ensure he is supported. He is our leader and l have to join him in the task to develop the state and it does not mean I am no longer in my party PDP but I owe my support to the government of the day.
“God gives and takes power and he has given Governor Abubakar Bello, so we are mandated to follow him irrespective of our parties, this is not to seek favour from him nor wants any appointment from him but I discover that the governor is young and from his utterances has good idea and we should all give him support and free hand to perform.
“I’m in PDP but will not tolerate and be part of those planning to distract a person God has given power to lead us in the state or a government that has barely started working,” Kantigi stated.

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