Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has called on stakeholders to
support the new National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party
(PDP), Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, saying; “his emergence at this time
is the best thing in the presence circumstance and those aggrieved
should sheath their sword and deploy their time and resources into
fighting the All Progressives Congress (APC) instead of their own

According to his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New
Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said; “it is regrettable that
those who abandoned the PDP to its fate when it lost power and did not
say a word to defend the party have now found their voice against a
decision taken in accordance with the party’s constitution.”

The governor who reiterated his commitment to the party, said; “With
my antecedent as someone who have always defended the party, I can’t
be linked with any decision that will not be in the best interest of
the party. I therefore call on all my admirers and believers in my
dogged fight for the revival of our party to support our new chairman,
whom I believe has the required capacity to reposition the party.”

He described those linking the new chairman to the Boko Haram
insurgents as mischief makers, asking; “Has Ali Modu Sheriff been
tried and convicted by any court for sponsoring Boko Haram? Is he even
being tried for involvement in Boko Haram activities?

“Even APC Senator Ali Ndume is being tried for allegedly making
contacts with the Boko Haram sect 73 times and he is still the Senate

“Also, Ali Modu Sheriff and their ‘Saint Buhari’ are in-laws courtesy
of his (Sheriff) son’s marriage to Buhari’s daughter and no one has
called the President a Boko Haram sponsor by association. Or are they
also saying President Buhari could have allowed his own daughter to
marry the son of Ali Modu Sheriff if he was indeed a Boko Haram

While describing the emergence of Ali Modu Sheriff as constitutional,
Governor Fayose said all stakeholders like the National Working
Committee members, Governors, Senators, House of Representatives
members, BOT members and others took part in the processes that
produced the new chairman.

He said the party could only be repositioned when decisions of the
party leaders are respected, calling on those aggrieved with the
emergence of the chairman to be mindful of the supremacy of the party
over and above other interests.

The governor reminded members and supporters of the PDP that “the
party was in a peculiar situation and we need people who can stand up
against these devourers of our collective heritage. I can say it
confidently that Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is such a person and in the
collective interest of our party, we should all rally round him.”